Registration of foreign companies

in Russia

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Accreditation of foreign representative offices - 

29 days without trip to Russia 

  • We prepare all documents
  • We verify documents with the notary and translate
  • We do all the procedure with the autorities
  • We receive accreditation for your company

We open bank account as a gift

from the best rank banks

Free bank account opening

  • We choose best bank for your buisiness
  • We prepare all documents for the bank
  • Bank manager will come to your place
  • Open bank account in 2 days

Process of accreditation of foreign representative offices

1 step

You fill a simple questionnaire and load constituent documents on a list.

5 step

We check, translate documents into Russian language and notarize it in Russia.

2 step

We prepare the complete package of documents for accreditation and send to you with the instruction for further assertion in your country.

6 step

We co-ordinate inTrade  and industrial Chamber the amount of your foreign workers in Russia.

3 step

You notarize and apostile the prepared documents. After the documents would be send to us by post.

7 step

We submit documents to Tax Autorities in Russia for accreditation and in 25 days we take away confirmation about accreditation and pass documents to you.

Tariff plans on accreditation



500 €

Preparation of documents 



1000 €

Base + accreditation in authorities

Representative offices and branches accredited by us


Accreditation of representative office 2012 year

Accreditation of branch 2013 year

Accreditation of branch 2014 year

Accreditation of representative office 2015 year

Accreditation of branch 2016 year

Accreditation of representative office 2017 year


Term of action of accreditation of foreign representative office?

From 2015 the action of accreditation of branch/of representative office of foreign company became permanent

Who can be the leader of representative office?

Both Russian and foreign citizen. The residence of leader on territory of Russia is not obligatory.

What amount of foreign employees can be co-ordinated?

Our authorities is assured co-ordinates to 10 foreign workers.

Which is a size of duty on accreditation?

You pay 2 duties:

 in TPP - 5000-15000 roubles depending on the amount of foreign workers;

 in a tax authority  - 120 000 roubles

How many do notarial registration and translation cost in Russia?

Depends on the amount of constituent documents that will be required on your company. On the average expenses are made from 20000 roubles by to 50000 roubles.

How many do notarial registration and apostil cost in my country?

Here we can not give an answer, in different countries different tariffs and cost operate can substantially differ.

Additional services

We will give a legal address

We will do an electronic signature

We will conduct accreditation of workers

We will work out model documents for work in Russian Federation

We organize book-keeping accompaniment  in Russia

We will pick up a quality personnel for work in Russia

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